An adventure on sacred ground

Tahiti Sun Tours

Follow me for a unique cultural experience to discover the beauty of the island of Tahiti. Come and share our culture, our legends and the Mana of our Fenua on the Sacred Land. Let’s go together on a hike through the island’s rugged mountains, a bike ride along the paths of our ancestors or an snorkeling tour to discover our lagoon.

I’ll be your guide, Israël MOHI.


Tahiti Sun Tours excursions

Are you a nature lover, curious about tahitian culture? Come and discover Tahiti at the heart of its nature. Follow the paths of our ancestors in all humility to discover or rediscover the different panoramas that our little paradise has to offer.

I’m taking you on an electrically-assisted bike ride to the heart of the island of Moorea. An ideal way to cover long distances and enjoy the exceptional and breathtaking viewpoints!

The beauty of our islands also lies in the lagoon! Get ready to swim in a natural aquarium. If you’re lucky, in addition to tropical fish and multicolored coral, you’ll come across rays, sharks and turtles.

Why us?


Why us?

Tahiti Sun Tours stems from my own experience, my own story, and the calls I feel deep inside that I want to spread around me.

A close-to-nature approach to paying tribute to our ancestors and thanking them for our culture.

It’s a vision for future generations that we need to support today and lead in the right direction.

Because sharing is probably one of the most important values for Polynesian people.


Israël Mohi

My name is Israël MOHI and I will be your guide on the hike of your choice. I’ve taken it upon myself to train in all three areas of hiking, biking and snorkeling, because I’d like to share my passion and dedication to my island with you.

For me, it’s important to participate actively in the development of our islands, to set an example for new generations. Our young people feel lost, alone and misunderstood. That’s why today, through our rich culture and the potential for tourism development, I humbly place myself at your service to help you discover my island, its history and culture.

The story of Tahiti Sun Tours stems from my own experience, my own history, and the calls that I have felt deep down inside and that I want to spread around me.

Neti P.

A quality team!

Israël knows his fenua, its legends and the environment that surrounds it! The hike from Fara’ura to Hitia’a is certainly the most beautiful I’ve had the opportunity to do, thank you to the team for the safety, you really put us in confidence!

For your hikes in Tahiti, I highly recommend Tahiti Sun Tours 💯✨️

Keys M.

Thank you Israel for this Fara’ura hike on Hitia. Nothing to say, superb team who reassure you, give you confidence during the tour.
I recommend the Tahiti Sun Tours team 200%.

Charlotte B.

Super hike! A top guide who takes his time according to everyone’s level! A great day with incredible spots!

Amandine S.

A superb professional team that keeps smiling no matter what! A great time!