About Israël

Back to our roots

Ia Ora Na, my name is Israël MOHI. I am 40 years old. I was born in Tahiti of Tahitian parents. Now it’s my turn to be the father of two children.

Tahitian is my mother tongue, but I also speak French and a little English.

I’ve lived and grown up in Faa’a all my life. Every day in my neighborhood, I’ve seen young people being destroyed by street boxing, drugs and alcohol. This sad observation awakened in me the desire to play an active part in changing a future that’s getting lost in the meanders of convenience and social conformity.

A return to our roots is essential!

My vision

Encouraging young people

The resonance with our Tupuna past is strong. Thanks to the education I’ve received and numerous activities such as fishing, hunting and fa’apu, I’d like to inspire young people again.

The values of life, such as respect for others, for traditions, for culture, for energy and for Our Fenua, motivate me and have enabled me to envisage passing on our natural riches to our young people.

I’ve been given a legacy, and it’s my duty to pass it on to future generations.

My aim is to show young people how to work in tourism. They are the next generation who will be able to share and promote the beauty of our Fenua. Sharing my passion with them, awakening them to a professional future is vital in my eyes, as I want to give them the desire to DARE to move forward.

My journey

Connection to earth

The future also lies in being proud of who we are and where we come from. Who better to hear what drives us Ma’ohi than visitors curious about new stories and experiences?

If you’re curious to hear about our culture, our legends, our riches and the Mana of Fenua, our sacred land, the foundation of our history, while respecting what we love to share, then I’ll be there to radiate our generosity and the Life that flows in our veins.

Tourism is currently an excellent way of transmitting our Polynesian way of life, with the local riches that are naturally the mountains (through hiking and VAE outings) and the sea (snorkeling and whale watching).

Passionate and in love with my island, I deepened my knowledge when I worked with the LEYRAL family, managers of the Aito Rando company. At the beginning of 2021, I was a guide and sometimes a driver for tourists.

In 2022, I worked with William Yazo of Pacific Cycles, for bike outings in the Papenoo valley and on Moorea, or for the ferry with E-Bike.

In October 2022, I began a partnership with Tahiti By Boat to lead snorkeling and whale watching excursions.

Today, Tahiti Sun Tours is developing at its own pace, offering a range of activities to help you feel that connection to the Earth of our Ancestors, for those who want to be part of the adventure.

Curiosity is a charming asset for daring to discover our Earth in a different way, so let yourself be tempted. I’d be delighted to be your guide.

Israël MOHI



CPPA-APPN diploma (specializing in cycling and water sports) from the IJSPF


Your safety is my priority. As a holder of the PSC1 thanks to training provided by SEFOGEM, I am able to ensure your safety.